When you purchase a book (paper, audio, or Kindle), CD, movie, or television show here, I’ll match 100% of the proceeds in support of ALS research. (Read on to learn why…)

Reading is an Adventure

Through the stories they tell and the images their words paint, books treat us to amazing adventures. As you flip through its pages, a book can take you around the world, back in time, or into the future. The story can be sweet or suspenseful, hilarious or heartbreaking. And reading introduces us to fascinating characters, from everyday heroes to fictional friends.

But what if the heroine is the woman reading the book?

Meet My Friend Michelle

Like most midlife women, Michelle has worn many hats and answers to several names. She’s a record-setting athlete, US Army veteran, wife, mother, and business executive.

She’s also my hero.

A few years ago, Michelle was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a horrific condition for which there is no cure. And true to her spirit, Michelle chose to fight back with all of her might. She transformed two decades of business technology implementation experience into a successful writing career, and she doubled down on her lifelong love of reading.

Michelle Melland sketch by Bill Rose

Book Thoughts from Bed

Michelle’s illness has paralyized her entire body and confined her to a hospital bed. But that doesn’t keep her from reading for about four to six hours a day. Using technology that allows her to type with her eyes, she shares her reading recommendations and encourages thoughtful dialog at Book Thoughts from Bed

Your Support

Because only a small number of Americans are diagnosed with ALS each year, medical researchers and pharmaceutical companies aren’t very motivated to find a cure. For family and loved ones of someone who has been diagnosed with ALS, this unfortunate reality adds more heartbreak to an already devastating condition. 

That’s why I’m personally matching 100% of all book proceeds from this site in support of ALS research. Whether you like to turn paper pages, swipe left on your Kindle, or listen to books via Audible, your purchase will make a difference. And if you prefer to watch the movie instead of read the book, I’ve got you covered — I’ll also match the proceeds on all CDs, movies, and television shows.

Escape into a Good Book

Below are a few of Michelle’s favorite books. As long as you start your search for your next read via one of these links, all commissions will go to support ALS research, even if you select a different title.

Michelle's Recent Reads

A Few of Michelle's All-Time Favorite Books

Sage Advice: In addition to Michelle’s recent reads and all-time favorites, see what I’m currently reading (and what I’ve recently finished). Hopefully you’ll find a few more gems to add to your reading list!

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